The Author

I was born in 1945 in Delta, Colorado, a small town at the confluence of the Gunnison and Uncompahgre Rivers on the Western Slope of the Continental Divide.  I have lived my entire life in Colorado and, from my mother’s side, my son and daughter are 5th generation Coloradans.   My father’s parents were Swedish immigrants.   I was fortunate to have spent the summers of my youth at a cabin my father built for the fly fishing on the Fryingpan River.  I am deeply indebted to both parents for that repeated exposure to simple living, the outdoors, and idle hours for reading.
I have a BA in English and a year and a half in Architecture at the University of Colorado before the turmoil of the Viet Nam era sent me in search of other pursuits.  I have been self-employed in carpentry and remodeling for thirty years.
Much of my poetry has its inspiration from the natural world and I find a similarity in poetry and photography in the effort to hold and convey the emotion(s) of a moment in the constantly changing flux of life on what I see here as being a truly miraculous existence.  My politics, I suppose, could be said to be derived from the general neglect of that miracle.

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