New leash law in effect for Boulder

He is the very model of a modern dog owner!

See the link featuring Bob walking his two Coon Hounds.

Bob Porath guides his dog Blanca past a pond on the University of Colorado South Campus property on Wednesday as Blanca s mother, Shelby, trails behind. Porath keeps Blanca on a leash when they pass the pond since the 1½-year-old dog fell through the ice about three weeks ago. ( PAUL AIKEN )

Read more:CU-Boulder enacts new leash rule for dogs on South Campus – Boulder Daily Camera

One thought on “New leash law in effect for Boulder

  1. Bob is usually a bit more lenient with the bests but Blanca, the being younger, had wandered on to the ice the week before and fallen in. Luckily he was able to coax her to the bank where she could climb out! While the other dog Shelby did this once and learned her lesson we weren’t sure Blanca : )

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