Carrot and Stick

I have to confess my understanding of economics is only rudimentary and perhaps overly simplistic, particularly in regard to the modern interpretation of theory, but…while too much inflation is seen as negative, inflation itself is considered essential to a capitalist economy.  In my mind, consistent inflation is equivalent to a continual devaluation of currency and acts, essentially, as both the carrot and the stick moving the economy along.  Madison Avenue’s promotion of consumerism and technology envy is a similar carrot-and-stick operation.  So the question rises, is an anti-“Atlas Shrugged” moment on the horizon if people tire of being the burros creating wealth for a plutocratic elite?  Also, isn’t a bursting of the technology bubble possible?  How much more can a cell phone do? and how can people continue to pay higher and higher fees if there are not adequate wages?  I am not wishing for an “Arab Spring” here, but our economy is completely out of balance and the concentration of wealth is doing immeasurable harm to the nation.

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