Mt. Evans

To the Editor;

As to honoring past icons, Colorado’s 2nd Territorial Governor John Evans, as one of the founding fathers of Denver and Colorado’s economic development, deservedly has his name attached to several small railroad towns, a major street, and even a Professorship and chapel at DU. He is similarly honored in Illinois, however, from his failure as Superintendent of Indian Affairs and involvement in instigating the Sand Creek Massacre in which a peace-seeking village of Cheyenne and Arapaho was brutally attacked, it seems incongruous is that one of our magnificent “14ers” also bears his nome.  The uprooting of the Native Peoples of America amounts to a genocide equalling that of the Holocaust.  That John Evans’ name is on a piece of the natural beauty of Colorado is a travesty that should be removed.

Robert Porath

One thought on “Mt. Evans

  1. Boy, going to be difficult to remove that mountain! Statues much easier 😆 Happy to be reading your Notes.

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