Human Sparked Climate Change

To the Editor:

The frustrating aspect of the denial of human sparked climate change is that it chooses to ignore the basic chemistry of oxidation, particularly that of the combustion of fossil fuels.  The carbon, hydrogen, and energy present in oil, natural gas, and coal have lain dormant in the earth for millions of years.  When burned, these element combine with oxygen and release levels of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, water vapor, and heat (plus various other chemical compounds) that are now active in the atmosphere.  Climate science is the attempt to understand what this means for the future of every living thing on the planet.  This part is not simple science.  It is globally complex.  Climate scientists have been threatened with losing funding for their research by pro-industry Republicans since the Bush Administration and are wary, with reason, of speaking out forcefully, but to set this exploration aside is not only short-sighted, it is dangerous.

Robert Porath


To the Editor:
    The leap in the level of carbon dioxide in the air, with its implications of an ever increasing rise of global temperatures, is indeed a major concern.  Not to be forgotten though are the other parts of the equation from the burning of fossil fuels, water and energy released into the interaction of the oceans and the atmosphere.  Carbon dioxide is the trigger, but water and highly energized weather patterns are having the most immediate impact upon us here in what Buckminster Fuller termed “Spaceship Earth”.  Somewhere along the line, our stewardship of life on the planet seems to have taken a decidedly wrong turn.