Libya and Iraq: NATO as defender G8 global interests.

To the Editor:
    As I recall, there were massive protests across Europe against George Bush’s attack and invasion of Iraq, more so than here in America, and yet there seems not a peep against the NATO attack on Libya (although who knows what our mainstream media is not reporting?).  Granted there is an active rebellion against the Khadafi government, but I do not recall NATO taking up armed action in any rebellion  against a tyrannical dictator in Black Africa.  The difference would seem to revolve around Libya’s oil reserves and its threat of withdrawing from Western banking arrangements. Could it be that seeing that the result of the Iraq ‘War” has been multi-national corporate access to those oil reserves, the European Union has embarked on a similar resource grab?  Has NATO become but another military arm of the G8’s global economic interests?  Has the “defense of Europe” taken on an expanded purview?