The jealous anger of Zeus
Had no bounds yet
There was wisdom too shown
When Prometheus was bound
To endless disembowelment
For revealing the power
Of fire to humankind,
Perhaps prophesy as well,
The outcome foreknown.

As the gods, in their day
Rose against the Titans,
In turn mankind rose
Against the gods.
With the gods and godless
Fallen into war and ruin
The earthbound Titans
Again hold sway.

Sage Ecology


Sage Ecology


Delicate gilia

And brusque paint brush

Scattered scarlet and orange

With the pink and blue pastels

Of chiming bells, crane’s bills,

Lupine, and penstemon

In bloom among the pungent,

Black-branched, jade green sage

Lure in, darting, the quick-tongued,

Needlepoint, petal-tickling,

Probing, stirring whirl and blur

Of broad-tailed hummingbirds,

With wingtips whistling,

Weaving briskly rhythmic

And trilling metallic green

Through the rich sweet nectars

And colors of a mystic land.